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Become the transit or suffer the transit

When a planet transits a house it is asking you to embody more of its energy in that area of ...
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Cancer Rising: Eyes to the Soul Dreamer

Our Rising Sign is the zodiacal sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment we were birthed onto Planet ...
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Moon-Neptune: Super Sensitive Soul

An individual with Moon conjunct, square or opposite Neptune is a Super Sensitive Soul…the end. Actually, there is a lot more ...
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Moon Songs

This list contains information about songs about the moon, ranked by user votes. The moon is mysterious and its powers ...
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Stories From the Stars

The vault of the heavens is an awe-inspiring lace-work of stars. The starry sky, however, is more than just beautiful, ...
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Fire signs – Zodiac

What do the astrological fire signs have in common ? People born under the fire signs of leo, sagittarius and aries are often described ...
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Create Abundance Sagittarius in 2018

The next 13 months are asking you to integrate the lessons around abundance that you have been receiving. What have ...
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Moon-Neptune Aspects

Those with the Moon-Neptune aspects possess an emotional sensitivity and vulnerability to others, and an especially powerful impressionable, sympathetic, and ...
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